A Child Called Sheetal

Sheetal was a young girl like any other. Jumping walking and frolicking with other children Eating sweets and desiring new clothes every day. Her mother tried to discipline her but who listens? She never managed to make perfectly round chapatis. But she could walk ..and walked ..and walked ..collecting Puja flowers, buying small articles needed for household...

Till one day she went down while walking. Excruciating pain had hit her legs. The neck seemed to unhinge. The entire body went numb!

Her entire family went numb when they heard was diagnosed with spinal cancer. Her father broke down then and there- her mother left standing a little more stoic.

But will the light of a young effervescent girl be extinguished? Who would bear her exorbitant cancer treatment costs?

Nobody did till Shri Raghunath Sahai Charitable Trust came forward to take up her case and donate for her cause.

Sheetal's operation was successful. The highly skilled doctors removed her tumor.

Now she is on her feet.. Walking... and walking with a smile of gratitude on her lips!