Ishwar Sahai Trsutee

Mr. Ishwar Sahai is one of the trustees of Shri Raghunath Sahai Charitable Trust. As a person of indomitable courage and pioneering spirit, He is a self-made entrepreneur who has trail blazed the entire edible oil sector in the country, practically defining and establishing it in India. One of the ablest technocrats in the present times, he has revolutionized the total concept of extraction, edible oil refining and Vanaspati technology.

Valiantly fighting the well-entrenched MNC's in fair competition, he has lifted the entire sector that now stands shoulder to shoulder with the erstwhile giants. He is the Chairman & Managing Director of the Mectech Process Engineers Pvt Limited and Mectech Knitfabs.

Ishwar Sahai

neera sahai Trsutee

Mrs Neera Sahai is a trustee and a woman of great values. She has inculcated the right values amongst the entire family.

As a woman she brings incredible insights borne of compassion and empathy. The Trust's emphasis on uplifting the women and girl child as well as the sick and the handicapped would perhaps taken another direction without her.

neera sahai